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Advantages new assembly hall immediately visible

16 August 2013

SLB HIGHTECH and RIJKERS' new assembly hall is now fully in use. The completion means a substantial expansion and furthering of our service package. Not only will we profit from the improvement, but our customers will as well. We are able to assemble each product ready to plug-in under ideal conditions in the especially equipped area; thus linking the highest quality criteria to a shorter turnaround time.

Excellently equipped

“The 2,000 m² hall was filled with material for a new order even before the last building work was finished”, says Marcel Dekkers, project leader. “That says it all. Our excellently equipped assembly hall helps us execute the projects even better and more efficiently.”

In house facilities

The new assembly hall has a travelling gantry crane with a ten ton hoisting capacity, a polished floor with underfloor heating, a natural ventilation system and favourable light incidence. A multifunctional roof links the new building to the production hall and provides space for materials to be stored under cover. Marcel Dekkers: “All these elements are very important for expanding and furthering our activities. We are now turning even more to assembly work along with the engineering, cutting, forming, bending and welding work, as we are better equipped than ever, due to all the facilities being available in-house.”

Successful expansion

Construction of the assembly hall and the spacious cover between the new hall and the existing production hall was very successful. “This applied both to the preparation phase and the implementation phase”, according to Marcel Dekkers. “Our partners worked extremely well together so that all aspects have been finished off perfectly. In the tiniest detail! Exactly as we deliver our own projects. The grounds around the production facilities also underwent a facelift. The paving was tackled and our building site has been redesigned exactly as we had in mind. In short: a successful expansion with advantages that are immediately visible.”

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