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Expansion of SLB GROUP management

15 March 2016

SLB GROUP, the parent company of RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS and SLB HIGHTECH, has recruited a COO. Together with CEO and owner Egbèr Smits, the management board will now include René van der Putten (48) from Deurne. This expansion is the first step in realizing ambitious growth targets: a doubling of sales and results in the period up to 2020.

René van der Putten has filled various management positions and directorships over his career, primarily of an international character. At Vanderlande Industries, for example, where he had a span of control covering over 150 people across the globe. But he has also worked at Te Strake and NTS-Group. At the latter, he was responsible for setting up a new subsidiary in Shanghai. René van der Putten studied econometrics at Tilburg University, a course he successfully graduated from in 1991.

People manager
In the person of René van der Putten, the SLB GROUP in Uden has taken on a genuine ‘people manager’. “Creating structure, getting the right people in the right positions and making best use of their competences: that's my strength”, says René. “I translate vision into strategy and prefer to act at the interface between operations and commerce. In technical terms, I've much to learn; yet there's no shortage of knowledge here. It's up to me to make sure we realize our ambitious goals for 2020.” The decision to work for a smaller organization is a very conscious one. "The span of control alone is not really my ambition. I'm more interested in the complexity of tasks and the final responsibility I bear in this position. It's those aspects that appeal to me most. As does the professional character of the company – it really has surprised me how well everything is organized here.”

Growth ambitions for 2020
CEO Egbèr Smits was looking for a director to join him who is not afraid to make decisions and provides leadership with a human touch. “René fits the profile perfectly”, he says. “His analytical capacity and coaching leadership made the difference for me.” Smits has witnessed the scope of projects widening for a number of years. “It's no accident that we already have some fifteen people in project leadership, engineering and planning. Our clients are giving us increasing responsibility, which is reinforcing the need for thorough project and process management. Growth is the only way to equip ourselves for this. With René among us, we are ready to roll.”

Autonomous business units
The ambitions are founded on clear strategies. The SLB GROUP subsidiaries – known as RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS and SLB HIGHTECH – will become autonomous business units. They work with a single production unit. The business units are clearly divided into three sections. One business unit focuses on machine and frame construction, primarily for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries on behalf of machinery manufacturers. Another business unit focuses on the design, construction and maintenance of systems for final processors in the food industry. The third business unit processes high-grade metals into custom products for critical industries. The production unit provides production, assembly, installation and commissioning.

SLB GROUP – with subsidiaries RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS and SLB HIGHTECH – develops and builds machines for the food and pharmaceutical industries. For further information:

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