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SLB GROUP sets its sights on steady growth

14 December 2015

SLB GROUP – parent company of RVS NON FERRO, RIJKERS and SLB HIGHTECH – has its sights set on steady growth in the coming years. In order to achieve this aspiration, a number of organisational changes are being implemented. A director of operations is also being recruited.

SLB GROUP is a family-run business that specialises in smart technological solutions for food, water and the environment. The subsidiaries complement one another well and together, they achieve success in high profile and complex projects, particularly for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Since the scope of projects is expanding and the organisation wants to be equipped for this expansion, the SLB GROUP is focussing on steady growth in the coming years. The goal is to double turnover and profits by 2020.

Independent business units
Organisational professionalisation is a prerequisite for growth. For this reason, SLB GROUP’s subsidiaries will be operating as independent business units. They will have a single, shared production unit. There will be a clear three-way split between the business units. One business unit will focus on developing machines and frames commissioned by machine manufacturers primarily for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Another business unit will focus on the design, construction and maintenance of installations for end processors in the food industry. The third business unit will use high-quality metals to manufacture customised products for critical industries. The production unit will be responsible for production, assembly, fitting and initial commissioning.

Director of operations
In order to achieve our growth aspirations and take the business to the next level, the SLB GROUP is recruiting a director of operations. The director operations will sit on the board together with CEO Egbèr Smits. The director of operations will lead the organisation, direct the business units and the production unit, and have ultimate responsibility for achieving the goals set for 2020.

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