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Specialist sheet metal and pipe work
SLB HIGHTECH is a sheet metalworking company specialised in the realisation of made-to-measure products for discerning industries. We process high-alloy materials such as Duplex, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Super Duplex and SMO principally from sheets or tubes. We have well-trained and qualified experts to do this. We pay a lot of attention to good project management in our organisation. After all SLB HIGHTECH will take everything over from the customers: from project management and engineering to assembly or installation. 

A division of the SLB GROUP
SLB HIGHTECH is a division of the SLB GROUP, a group of companies with a wealth of experience in the provision of technical services in the field of food, water and environment. RVS NON FERRO, which has been specialising in the development and production of solid solutions in stainless steel and aluminium since1963, is also a part of this group. During the past twenty years more and more emphasis has been put on 'high end, low volume' production. SLB HIGHTECH is based on this. 

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