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Strong organisation

Smart processes, involved professionals
The precision and dedication that go into making your prototypes and zero series is reflected in our procedures. After all, our solutions are only shown in their full glory in a strong organisation, with dedicated employees who gladly accept responsibility. The result? Hundred per cent reliability of delivery and a great business relationship.

Solid project management
From project management and engineering to assembly or installation, SLB HIGHTECH controls and manages all the disciplines. We pay a lot of attention to solid project management and accurate communication. It is also a given that you will always have the same fixed contact. He is an expert who knows your problem in depth and thinks of solutions and acts pro-actively.

The power of experience
SLB HIGHTECH is a sister company of RVS NON FERRO which has been specialising in the development and production of solid solutions in stainless steel and aluminium since1963. In the past twenty years emphasis has increasingly been put on our high end, low volume production and this forms the basis of SLB HIGHTECH.

Our customers